Healthcare Professionals

Access Fitness works on the social model of disability. We recognise that while some people have physical or psychological differences, these do not affect the person behind the disability.

By creating an accessible gym facility that supports our clients’ physical and social needs, Access Fitness is also helping to enrich our clients’ lives. We are removing barriers in the physical, attitudinal and social environment to empower each and every member of Access Fitness.

“Improved physical function and better cardiovascular health encourages a greater sense of empowerment.”

Access Fitness is Adelaide’s first gym with wheelchair and disability accessible equipment combined with a physiotherapy treatment facility. The independence we offer at Access Fitness is something that our clients can take with them to improve their everyday lives.

Fully qualified and totally supportive.

Access Fitness is supported by fully qualified and experienced staff knowledgeable in supporting people with serious injuries and temporary or permanent disabilities. We provide each member with outstanding guidance and the knowledge needed achieve personal goals.

You’re welcome to visit Access Fitness at a time that’s convenient for you or your client. Contact us today or to make a referral, download this form: Referral_Form. Fill it out and email to: