Access Fitness also gives you access to a range of skilled services and treatments based on your individual needs. Our multi-disciplinary team specialises in serious and multiple injury management and treatment plus specialised case management for adults and children with complex injuries.

“Access Fitness also works closely with rehabilitation centres and case managers to ensure our equipment and tailored sessions help our members in the best ways possible.”

Physiotherapy >

When it comes to helping with mobility and unlocking movement potential to improve quality of life, Access Fitness not only has the equipment but also highly qualified physiotherapists on-site. Our physiotherapists assess every member’s physiotherapy history and also work closely with other health care professionals, family members, and care givers to ensure movement potential is thoroughly assessed in order to set clear and achievable goals.

Personal Training >

A tailored one-on-one gym Programme can result in substantial positive outcomes for our members. Our Exercise Physiologists combine their strong knowledge and qualifications in physical fitness with their credentials in support of people with injuries and temporary or permanent disabilities. A detailed consultation and development of a Personal Training Programme ensures that each session is designed to aid treatment and help our members reach their goals sooner.

Occupational Therapy >

Access Fitness is helping people to lead more satisfying and meaningful lives by acknowledging the holistic health care needs of our members. Our specialised gym facility can more directly link a range of physical techniques and exercises to support treatments that help develop, recover or maintain daily living and work skills. If you would like to know more about Occupational Therapy through Access Fitness, please call 1300 368 141.

Community Groups >

Access Fitness also shares many relationships with all kinds of community and support groups for people with serious injuries and temporary or permanent disabilities. You’re welcome to contact us to discuss how we might be able organise either casual or regular sessions that are tailored to your group’s particular needs.