Adam Hills Adam Hills
Australian Comedian • Writer • Broadcaster • Presenter

“Everyone in the world has the right to exercise, and those with serious injuries have a need to exercise, and for that reason I am happy and proud to support Access Fitness. However, now that there is an accessible gym in Adelaide, I really have no excuse for not going to the gym on a more regular basis. So, as you can see, I am torn!”

Patrick Squire Patrick Squire

“I enjoy two sessions a week at Access Fitness. The staff are always friendly and up for a chat. The gym is also really relaxed and stress free, which lets me do my exercises in comfortable surroundings. I have a fun time working with the trainers, who often set different challenges to keep my program interesting and enjoyable. I have definitely benefited from coming to Access Fitness. Each of the small, routine trials of having a disability are made easier thanks to the exercises I do. I can recommend to anyone in any physical condition to give Access Fitness a go.”